Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Moving On - GSoC 2016

So far, I filled Google Tax form. It get rejected once and submitted again. Hope this time it will not be rejected. In the development process still no progress. The thing is that I am busy with a lot of academic works these days. Poor me!

Also I have interviews for internships in the next semester. What a tragedy. Anyway, I have to get prepared for it too.

But I found some solutions for above scenarios. Part of my semester project is to develop a web service to collect data from a mobile application. Yeah I have to develop mobile app too ;)
I chose to develop the web service using java and MongoDB. ;-)
Now I have to use mongo driver for that. I am using it as a pre-project to get familiar with mongo java driver. Today I tried it with several applications, works fine. I am positive. :D :D

Now I am gonna connect a MySQL database in my local machine with the Tajo in the virtual machine. ;) Thanks to VMware, it has a virtual network card too. I can just ping from my physical machine to virtual machine. Funny. ;)  I am following Jaehwa's docs.

Finally, GSoC Payoneer account thing is really complicated. I always have doubts about that. What to do. This looks like a diary, isn't it? Never mind. It's public anyway.

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