Saturday, April 23, 2016

The First Commit - GSoC 2016

This is something I should have started while before. Last month I applied for Google Summer of Code. My project was to add MongoDB support for Apache Tajo. The thing is that I got selected. I got the email today.
:D :D Yaai.. Congratulations to me! ;) ;)

From today onward, I am gonna log my contribution in this blog daily or weekly. Before moving to that here we go with the background and my behaviors up to now.

This is not the first time I applied for GSoC. I did it last year but I didn't get in.
"Keep trying, don't settle.!"

This year, I started to go through the organization lists last month when they were announced. Yeah, Apache is a giant one. I am not sure why I chose this project. It's like the only project I understand from the given list by Apache Community. ;)

I added a comment there. It's great. I got the reply quickly. Then I followed the guide lines. Registered to the mailing list, and waited. I didn't tried to start a new thread because I wanted to know what were the discussions going on at he moment.

Waited few days but didn't get any email from the subscription. :/ why is that?

Seems like it's better to start a thread. Yeah. I started a thread with the "Add MongoDB to Tajo Storage". Then I got the reply. Ok, no need to go into details. It was Jihoon Son, Jaehwa Jung were the people who helped me through mailing list.

Then they gave me permission to edit the confluence wiki of Apache and I started creating my proposal there.

I had a great help from Jaehwa and Jihoon during the application period.

Meanwhile I setup the development environment. First I setup it in an Ubuntu virtual machine, but it had no enough resources. Then I had to install it as a parallel boot. Now it is time to start development. :D 

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