Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mortality of Democracy

Everything is mortal, isn’t it?

Even though we know that people don’t know we let them decide their(our) future.

 I am not going to question your education. I am not here to judge skills of a person, but truth should be told. We are all stupid. We all know that we don’t know. Aren’t we?  Maybe you don’t, but at least I’m confident that politicians know that people are stupid. Lol. Everybody knows it.😉

Why do I say people are stupid?

May I use the wording “people know nothing” because it is fair than saying people are stupid. Have you ever heard the saying,  “The wise man knows he doesn’t know, the fool doesn’t know he doesn’t know.” – Lao Tzu Hope you got the point. Let me be more clear. Wise people know that they don’t know. Unwise people think that they know, but they don’t. If we partition people into these two subsets (wise, unwise) there is one thing in common. It is that they don’t know.

Then why democracy?

Even though we know nothing we decide our leaders. That’s what we call democracy.  Why do we decide our leaders. Does it has to be us? We do it because we don’t have another solution. Actually  we have not found a solution yet. Maybe we will found a solution in the near future. 

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