Monday, May 30, 2016

The First Week ( GSoC )

The beginning of the coding period was not actually rushing as expected. This week was allocated to discuss the architecture of the module, with my mentors. Actually it was done a long before. Of course still there are questions regarding the architecture but they can't be solved before hand. They will be solved during the implementation. It's agile guys!

Project at the moment

Created a new module for mongodb storage plugin which is going to be implemented throughout the summer by me ;) 
Created the following main classes by implementing those interfaces and abstract classes.
  • MongoDbTableSpace
  • MongoDbFragment
  • MongoDbScanner 
  • MongoDbAppender
Also implemented a class called ConnectionInfo to keep MongoDB connection. When I implement it copplied a lot from the JDBC connection info class. Thank you blrunner. Hope you will not be mad at me about that. ;)

Problems and Solutions

Let's discuss about some questions came across in the first week. The first question was regarding the newly created module. When I buld using mvn command it says the module was build successfully but the relevant jar was not in the snapshot. I couldn't find why was it. Actually I build it several time (around 10 times) by changing pom.xml file several times. Problem was not with the mvn configurations. The module was build in the module directory, but it should be copied into the snapshot directory. It is done by a command in pom.xml of tajo-storage module. Anyway I added the lien and it started to work fine.

The next question is replication. It is something complex. ;) The thing is that in configurations for hdfs you can provide multiple hosts. MongoDB also can have multiple hosts as replica. Should the storage plugin I write include that functionality? If so, how the URI passed a question. For a table space details will of the table is given as a URI. By default java URI don't allowed multiple hosts. Then how hdfs do that? It is something to be studied.


I setup the Travis for my GitHub account. It is cool. I mean great. It can be name as one of the coolest things provided in the internet. Traivis automatically build the project in my GirHub repositories. We can configure it with travis.yml. And the best thing is it is completely free for opensource projects. :D :D 

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